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Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Number Theory

I wonder after I found out that all da numbers related to me since my childhood have different sequences in them. I felt like I did a great discovery.
My roll number in school is 8, my id number in SCC - sea cadet corps is 5148, 5+4-1 = 8 all da three in an equation makes the last number, my roll number. My id in intermediate is 5232, 5+3+2-2 = 8, again my fav number. My Software Engineering project Team nunber is 8.
Our house number is F-374, 3+4 add up to make 7, after tht we shifted to a new house its num is F-393, 3*3 makes 9, in both the first and last numbers make the middle number.
My bday is on feb 13th, 2.13.1985, my roll number in 10th is 13. My room num in hostel is D-213, 2 is da month feb and 13 is my birthday. My id in college is 103, it also contains 13 in it.
Isnt it gr8, u ppl also try to find out some thing interesting, may it be related to numbers, the things u like or any thing else. There may be something or the other. May be its weired but its funny.
To my surprise while I was writing this blog today mornin, I was browsing thru my frens blogs and found Naresh also found a similar theory regarding himself and the number 2.

Donga Police

23rd march 2006, thursday 7:30 pm, Place: Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

I went to gandhinagar police station for passport verification. I was sitting there idle, suddenly i heard yellings of a person from inside the room, i peeped inside and found a policeman hitting a man with a big stick, size of an iron rod. I was shocked seeing that. Later i found out tht he did a small theft with some other mates, and they are inquiring him about his co-thieves. Then i really wondered how the police treat. In english movies n all da english serials, if da NYPD, da LAPD or da CIA takes a terrorist or a serial killer into custody the accused boldly asks for his attorney, some terrorists also ask for is this difference??? A small thief is being beaten here like a dog and big criminal and terrorists who take lives of many people are treated respectfully. WHY?? "Human Rights". The same is with the big criminals in India. Does not the common or middle class have Rights or arent they Humans. Donno which of the two is missin or are both of them are missing for a normal person, as they are being treated so.
Recently the police have launched "Anti Chara Squad". CHARA - a tribe which is branded as born criminals by the fucking "BR(u)ITISH" and is being continued till date. Whats the mistake of the present generation of da tribe, why are they still seen like that. They are accused with false cases, beaten like hell inside da four walls. Cant a common man lead a peaceful life.... is he so belittled..... can we do something regarding it....
I really want to do something to erase these differences and I practice these.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Imitating or Copying

Donot know why I always get influenced by the people, the ouside things. I know that this is a common phenomenon which happens to most of the people, but I know that I get influenced by those sort of things fast, and they have a deeper impact. I dont say that I copy them but I imitate them, the best wht people do, how they dress etc.. Like my smoking style, omg its a fusion of 5 to 6 peoples style. Starting from lighting the cigiratte, how I release da smoke, how I tap the ash, how I make rings, how I stuff da cigiratte... almost all are other peoples best, which I imitate. The best part is that I am good at imitating the best of peoples ways and do them in an impressive way. Regarding dressing I change my style from time to time, my numerous hair styles gives people a shock, a long hair and the very next day I come up with spikes, from curly hair I come with a straightened hair. The way I walk, I behave.... I feel that I am very conscious of what I do always and also what others do. You may say that I am a copy cat, but I say imitation is a euphemism for copying.

Now a days i dont know why my fren Naresh is making a lot of impact on me. When ever I sit down to pen down my thoughts, he always comes to my mind. I feel that I should write like him. Trust me, hes too good at these, wanna give a try, k thn visit . Many people would like to see Naresh's comments in their blogs, they fell it as a certifying thing. Whenever I speak, I wanna be spontaneous and sound confident like him. I will jus listen to him whenever we sit for an important things to discuss, he makes his point clear. And when we booze or are high then no need to mention, I would love to sit beside him as he talks of all the things and incidents which are hidden in the deepest corners of his heart. I wanna think, talk, act, write, like him. I try to be myself, but in my mind he conflicts with myself and he always will have an upper hand. I wont feel that imitation is one way to know more of him/her and get closer to them, coz you get to know how they react, how they feel for certain things.

I am not saying that I wanna compete with him or I envy for all he got, may it be the long orkut frenlist, may it be the Software engineering skills, may it be the girl fren, may it be the foreign trips :) , may it be the spicy tempting talk he does woth the gals. I feel that the best way to know a fren is to be in his shoes. I do this coz I wanna get more closer to Naress and dont wanna lose him, what so ever may happen. Hes one great fren I have got. I wont feel that imitation is insulting people, as many do, they imitate frens in front of others in a sarcastic way to make fun of them. I use it as a way to know more of him/her and get closer to them, coz you get to know how they react, how they feel for certain things.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Love a sweet four letter word which has, may be four thousand meanings to diferent people, at different ages, at different moods with different people. For me it was attraction towards Soumya in 8th grade, Suneeta during 9th grade, Sangeeta during 10th grade (somany names staring with S's but no1 said an Yes when I proposed), Madhuri during 11th grade, a 28 year lady in my opposite house. My choices kept on changing as I grew up. The list dint stop there. In fact the rate increased frm annual changes to half yearly updates in my choices, Riddhi in first sem of, Mourya in da 2nd sem, Anila in da 3rd sem, Chaitra in da 4th sem, Deepa in da fifth sem.... as da list was continuing slowly I felt tht I was getting clarity of what love is, the difference among love,liking,attraction and mere infatuation. Slowly after people putting forward their views, ideas and experiences, I cud figure out what is whattt.

I realized that the word "LOVE" is a big word which has a greater meaning in itself. So I defined it in my own way, by linking all da words I know. Loving something, what ever it may be, according to me is, "not doing it just for da heck of it or because you are attarcted, as it wont work for long. Do it coz you enjoy it, to da fullest. Every time you do it, you love it more, your dearness towards it/him/her increases. You can do anything for the one you love." May be you fell like these are somewhat heard before. May be or may be not, bt this my way.

People I love da most and things I would like to do. My brother Raghu, I love him da most on this earth, during our childhood we fought a lot, complainted on each other. But now I miss him a lot. My grand papents. Listening to the stuff Naresh speaks, naresh - my friend but he talks to me when we both sit, he doesnt talk as he does normally, his talk sounds matured, tells me most of the things, trusts me. Talking to Pavan and Naresh, pavan is one other whom I love a lot, if we love some1 we will express it in some way or the other but I till now never find a way express how much I like him or love him. My day with out him is completely blank, every day after waking up what I do first is to search for him...donno y?? bt wants to see him... wants him beside me, may be I feel strong, gr8 to have such a good friend. Next comes my chut.. sry... sweet fren Havish, hes very trust worthy, we cant say why we like some1, its a feeling you have in yourself, may be you fell secure with him, hes trust worthy, hes da same as you are.... all these are applicable to Havish. Playing with the dude, our dudum. Hes one fat fluffy funny guy. Hes sooo innocent, I wud love takin care of him.

Last but the very important thing I love the most to do, a superb combo, you may give a try if you want. I promise you, you ll surely enjoy this. Smoking a ciggy in your left hand, sipping a cappucino coffee in your right hand and listening to "Beatles" songs.....wah kya majaa hai... I love it and I enjoy it a lot, leaves all my tensions. Beatles band are oh my god, they are Gods at those, each and every song has an impact on you, they ll change you to good mood n bring you to gr8 spirits, even how bad you are feeling. I am one great, greater, greatest fan of Beatles. I love pavan for 1 more reason, he introduced to Beatles music.

Till now when ever I look at a beautiful girl or a girl of my expectations, I wonder do I like her, love her or attracted, but I slowly comes to my own definition of Love, matches, compares does all sort of things and the funny thing is I cudnt arrive at a conclusion in the context of a girl. Ah! regarding my list it dint stop, it never stopped, had started when was in 8th grade, many unproposed, unaccepted, untold, unrevealed..... but I never get disheartened.... am still going.... gogogo....

Sailing thru my memories

Its feb 25th 2006 past 11:30pm..... its Synapse time, tech fest of our college. Every1 are eagerly waiting for the footloose (dance competition) results. The results are being announced...The third prize goes tooooo... a long pause the third prize goes to "Euphorics" of DA-IICT......oh my god... thts us... thts our team

For a moment i cudnt believe wht i heard... suddenly many thoughts flashed my mind... i was sure that i ll get second prize... we did too well... next moment i thought prize is not we are aiming at.. This is our final year in da college, and we wanted to present our best and we did it...

I started getting msgs.. "I dnt know about the judges bt u r my winners"..."tht was really a superb performance"..."thts awesome man"...... even after a week aftr da performance ppl are comin to me nd tellin me tht the theme was good, performance is superb etc etc. Then i thought yes we did it.... our destiny has been served, winnin a prize isnt our destiny bt winnin their hearts.

I sat alone and was njoying da success...i went bk to da very beginning of my dance career.
It was when I was in 11th grade, five of our frens thought to give a performance at da farewell party to our seniors. We decided in da clg, tht evening we went to karthik's house decided da song practiced a little nd i was late to home. First i said that there was an extra class, bt i cudnt keep quite fr longer after lying, i went to my mom and said tht I along wid my frens had decided to give a dance performance....u shud hv looked at my mom at tht moment. She felt like I was going on a wrong track, i gt spoiled, i m nt concentrating on my studies. My parents thought of me as da same old naveen who studies well, who comes first in da class... but they dint realize tht hes grown, has some tastes... nt their fault too, they hd expectations on me, the environment in which I was brought up had these sort of things out of da boundary. They started to behave stangely towards me, said hes grown nw, wants to dance n bla..bla... they wanted me to tell them evrything n if i say they behave in such manner... i cudnt take it... bt slowly i gt used to it, bt never find fault frm their side too.

Frankly speaking my dad doesnt like these type of things, dancing, roaming around wid frens. He thinks they r jus waste of time, when we r here fr a goal. But he is such a person tht he understands other persons views and honours them. He is neither for ne nor against me, jus a neutral spectator. He was in such a situation tht he cudnt encourage me nor cn he say no to me. This went on, i cm late to home, mom askd me da reason n my reply was "dance practice", she gets irritated with tht, stoped speakin to me. I too behaved strangely, became stubborn refused to speak, eat. Wht else can I do, feeling lonely, no support, cnt leave practice in da middle as i love it, cnt go against my parents wish. Dnt know hw bt i decided to go on n complete da practice successfully.

Everything went on smoothly in da practice, finally the day had arrived, we performed good, my first performance was gooood. Came home n found every1 slepping, dad asked me hw was it, I said it was good, he congratulated me, bt nt wid da fullest of his hearts. I was hurt, bt cudnt do nything. Next day in da clg evry1 was congratulating me tht da show was good. Suddenly I became very popular frm studious naveen reddy to "Dancer" naveen reddy. Hahahaha, cheers to da dance partners.

After tht I joined DA-IICT n here I found a good partner abhishek sharma, hes very energetic n specially to mention very spontaneous. Both of us gave a performance in da first sem, know wht that was a super success n i became famous in da clg. Aftr tht we did many performances in da clg on many occassions won many prizes. The comments tht we get frm da audiance r da things tht matter, n we always impress them. Many ppl ask me whr did u learn to dance?? Did you go to dance school?? When listening to these sort of things I question myself am I really that good?? noo.. Im nt. I jus dance coz i love it, i do it with full commitment, leaving behind all my tensions, I dance like no ones thr to stop me.

Slowly sailing thru all those memories I finally reached to da present. Whenever some1 asks me abt dance, I in myself will sail thru all those hardships n successes i went thru till nw, jus in a faction of a second. I dnt know hw to end this, bt I jus felt like putting them down, so I did.... thts all.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Sen Project Team #10

Sen Project Team #10

Friday, January 06, 2006

To Gudi

Today morning i woke up and was calling out gudi....gudi loudly in the hostel corridors and at once I remembered that he has left to pune for his final sem project. Gudipati Raghu Ram out of affection shortly called as Gudi, one of my dearest friends, is not here today morning who daily wishes me a good morning, during night-outs accompanies me to galla (for ciggys and food) , reads for me the good news of Arsenal wins and ManU defeats. He is a die-hard fan of Arsenal and if u by mistake make a foolish statement b4 him regarding Arsenal are cornered and left with no point to raise against the facts and updates he has. My partner in playing AOE, when no1 is playing we both play and he enjoys me winning over him, my student- learnt playing DOTA(warcraft) from me, my coach- encourages me and gives me tips during football on goal-keeping.

When we both sit he used to say me about his lovely childhood, his crush prasanna. They live in the same appartment but had spoken to her hardly half a dozen times. He deals with atmost care with all those whom he likes. A giant personality but childish mind, hurts no1. A good friend to be with, is trust worty to share your matters, cool guy to freak out with. He encouraged me when I got depressed, adviced me when necessary and extended his hand towards me when ever I needed.

Though we meet online, give offline msgs, write scraps in orkut.......but the physical presence beside me makes the difference than these offlines and msgs. Miss u gudi.......hope to see u soon.